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Have you thought about introducing ‘summer Fridays’? Could this be another way to help productivity and stop your employees from leaving? 
7 tips to consider if you would like to introduce summer Fridays.  

1. Would you like to trial it out before you implement it, on a permanent basis 

2. Will the benefit apply to all of your employees or only particular groups 

3. Which months will it apply to 

4. What time would employees be allowed to leave on a Friday 

5. Will employees be required to make the time up and if so, how and when will this need to take place 

6. Do you need to let your customers and clients know about this 

7. Do you want to consider that work emails are not sent to the employees who have left early – as the worse thing for any employee is to return with a host of emails received on Friday afternoon 

It is really important that when you are thinking of piloting any initiative that you speak to your staff first and get their view. If staff understand why you are wanting to implement an initiative then it is very likely that they will buy into it and improve productivity. 
Please do not hesitate to contact if you would like to discuss the plan you would like to put in place. Taking HR from 'TO DO' to 'DONE'. 
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