A few ways that our clients have asked to resolve their HR problem. 
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Help with redundancy 

We will help you plan your redundancy by guiding you through all the stages involved, ensure you follow the correct consultation periods, provide tailored documentation and even write the script for you. 
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Need an investigation completing 

This is a key step in any disciplinary or grievance matter and we help you carry out the process in accordance with ACAS guidelines and discuss the next steps with you.  
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Employee not performing 

Employees are your biggest investment and therefore this is a key area where we will help you manage this process. We will work with you to ascertain if the issue is the employee 'won't' or 'can't' do the role. Then we  
will guide you through the  
next steps.  
Robust Induction Icon

Robust induction 

Recruiting new employees is the first stage. The second stage is assessing if the employee is the best fit for the business and can do the role. Having a robust induction process which provides the employee with everything they need to know about your business can help you ensure that the employee performs in the role and understands your business. 
Employee Contract Icon

Contract of employment and handbook for my new employee 

Employment legislation is always being updated and with the Good Work Plan that came into force in 2020 it is important that clients now provide contract and employee handbook that is legally compliant. We will ensure that you have documentation  
that is tailored and  
protects your business.  
Flexible Working Icon

Received a flexible working request 

We will work with you to handle the flexible working request and ensure that you do not fall  
foul of the correct process or timescales. We will ensure that you have carefully considered the request and ensure that any refusals are based on one of the eight 
fair reasons. 
Employee Discipline Icon

Employee needs to be disciplined 

We can help ensure that you have the advice and guidance that you need to carry out this process so you do not fall foul of  
employment legislation.  
We can also manage this on your behalf to you give you time to concentrate on your business.  
Employee Pregnancy Icon

An employee is pregnant 

We will ensure that you are compliant in your duty of looking after the employee and have provided her with all the necessary details regarding maternity pay and leave so that there is less risk of falling foul of discrimination. 
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Recruiting the right person for my business 

We have experience of developing job descriptions, person specification and using competencies based interview questions. We will help you with all the necessary documentation and ensure you follow a fair recruitment process.  
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Received a grievance 

We understand that receiving a complaint is the last thing that you need, however, we know that ensuring that you fully investigate these matters and get to the bottom of the issue is important for you to stop anything 
major happening. 
Employee Sickness Icon

Employee sickness absenteeism 

Every year absences cost employers and therefore we know that active management of all absences is important and we will help you through the necessary processes.  
Appraisal Icon

Setting up an appraisal system 

We will work with you and your business to ensure that you have the right system to effectively manage your employees and that your employees also know what they need to achieving at all times. Bringing your employees along your business journey is key for the success of the business.  

FREE Documentation Audit 

Do you know if your documentation is legally compliant? 
Have you had it reviewed in the last year? 
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Your HR issue not listed above?  
With our wealth of experience in HR, we know how to deal with many HR issues,  
so get in touch so that we can take if off your ‘to do’ list to ‘done’. 
We will obtain as much detail from you about the issues you need resolving. We will listen to how you would like it to be resolved. This is a key stage so that we can provide the result you need. Our aim is to ensure your HR problem is resolved efficiently and ensuring that employment legislation is followed at all times. 
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Daxa helped me over the years with advice and did a brilliant job keeping our contracts of employment and employee handbook up to date, I can recommend her highly. 

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