It is best practice to prepare consistent questions to ask each candidate at an interview. These questions should focus on the candidates ability to do the job that was advertised 

The interviewer should avoid any question which could be discriminatory, example: 

🟢 Do you have any children 
🟢 Are you religious 
🟢 Do you plan to retire soon 
🟢 Where do you come from 
🟢 When is the baby due 
🟢 You have an accent, which I don’t recognise 
🟢 Are you planning of having children anytime soon 
All of the above, might be questions that happen in a general conversation, however, they should be avoided during any interview process. 
If a candidate is successful in making a claim at tribunal, although there is no limit on the amount of compensation, defending a claim will still be expensive. The individual would need to demonstrate they would have been offered the job, if it had not been for the discriminatory criteria which they were asked at the interview. 
This article is a few examples of questions that we may ask during a conversation without considering the long term implications it could lead to. If you need help in structuring your interview process effectively and how to avoid any potential tribunal claim, please do not hesitate to contact if you would like to discuss the plan you would like to put in place. Taking HR from 'TO DO' to 'DONE'. 
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