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If you are an employer looking to hire new staff members or a recruitment professional, you will know that there is no hiding from the fact that it is a challenging time for finding great candidates right now. 
Job seekers have the advantage. We have all adjusted to new ways of working and a lot of people have chosen completely different career paths in the wake of the pandemic. 
🟢 They have realised that certain career choices have better pay and benefits 
🟢 They want a better work/life balance 
The simple fact is, if you as an employer do not adjust the way you work, you may find it difficult to recruit good candidates in the future. 
You are now competing with other organisations. Some will be larger and therefore have more flexibility and bigger budgets, so you need to have a good look at your current recruitment processes and perhaps, make some changes. 

Here are a few of my top tips for recruiting in post-Covid times. 

1 - Look at your pay structure 

When was the last time you reviewed your pay structure? Have you checked the national average for similar roles? Are you aligned with what you should be offering? Whilst I understand that increasing wages could be a difficult option for you, I must also recognise that it may be necessary. 
Candidates are shopping around. They know their worth and they know what they should be paid so if you are not checking the market, they certainly will. 

2 – Training and coaching opportunities 

Candidates want to know that they are going to feel valued. One of the ways to do this is to offer them fantastic training and coaching opportunities. Look at your current programmes and ask yourself how they can be improved? 
It is not just about an initial induction. We are now looking for continuous development. Are you willing to invest in your staff? If not, someone else will. 

3 – Career opportunities 

When a candidate used to ask at interview stage, what are the career prospects at your organisation? It was more about impressing you with enthusiasm than actually being focussed on their future. Now people are more focussed on their future than ever. 
When you answer that question, ensure you are answering with honestly. Have a good look at your internal opportunities and ask yourself where new candidates can go. Do not just focus on the role you need to fill right now, consider where you can take that employee in the future. The bigger picture matters. 

4 – Ask what they are looking for 

An interview has always been a two-way street. It is an opportunity for both the candidate and employer to get to know each other and assess whether or not you are a good fit. 
One opportunity that is often missed is for the employer to ask the candidate what it is they want. There is almost a fear around this question in case the answer is something you cannot deliver but better you know now than later. 
Do not oversell yourself as a company and ask honestly what it is they are hoping to get out of the role. 
If it is something you do not have in place at the moment then consider whether it is something you can do before making them an offer. Or offer them a good alternative. 
There is no point in shying away from this question. Finding out early on what a candidate wants or needs from you will help you to develop that role and command loyalty in the future. 

5 – Be flexible 

More than anything, candidates want a better work/life balance so if you can offer flexibility, do so. If Covid proved anything it is that in the main, employees can be trusted to work remotely, and that trust is everything. We do not need to live in a micro-managed world. If a candidate feels that their employer will trust them to get the job done, they will feel valued and are likely to choose you. 
I cannot deny that candidates are in the driving seat. It is now not uncommon for them to come back to you with a counteroffer so my advice would be to take a long hard look at your current recruitment process and what that role will look like, not just now but in the future and be prepared to sell your company to them rather than the other way around. 

There are great candidates out there and there is no doubt that you can entice them in but be honest, be prepared and above all, be flexible. 

Please do not hesitate to contact if you would like to discuss your recruitment requirements. Taking HR from 'TO DO' to 'DONE'. 
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