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It is commonly reported that at the moment it is a difficult time to recruit new staff members. In the wake of the pandemic, people’s priorities have changed and so have their work motives. 
Many have opted for remote or hybrid working, some have reduced their hours and others have changed industries all together. 
A lot of organisations would not have considered part-time working before Covid but now, we are seeing many reasons why this could be a productive option. 
There is even the option of job sharing which may have seemed daunting in the past but could now result in a better outcome than ever before. 

What are the benefits of employing part time staff members? 

1 - Cost reduction  

Part-time employees could potentially save you money. It could be that they do not qualify for a company pension, or you can hire them on a minimum number of hours which is more flexible for you. 
It is also possible that the workload can be completed during part time hours, therefore, reducing the cost of a full-time employee significantly. 

2 – Staff retention 

By offering more part-time positions, you are in turn offering a family friendly policy. With more flexibility for the staff member, the more chance there is that they will stay with you for longer. Being able to have a work/life balance without the pressure is a significant selling point for your company. 

3 – Talent pool 

When you are solely looking for a full-time employee, you are ruling out hundreds of potential candidates. Those who need to work part time for various reasons can bring a lot to the table and are often overlooked by recruiters. 
By offering part-time hours, you are significantly opening up the talent pool and giving yourself a lot more choice in candidates. 

4 – Taking the pressure off 

If you need more team members to help your business grow but cannot justify the cost of a full-time employee, then a part time position could solve the problem. 

5 – Productivity 

It can be said that part-time workers can be highly productive in their role. Where they have less time in the workplace, there tends to be more of an urgency to complete the task in hand. 

6 – Buffer 

Having part time employees can offer relief when there are extra targets to hit or absence to cover. An employee working part-time is likely to be more flexible and can potentially fill the gap on a temporary basis. 

7 – Mental health 

By allowing staff to work part-time, there is less chance that they will experience burn-out. Their tasks will be well managed, and they will have time away from the workplace to enjoy other activities. 

If an employee requests to reduce their hours to part-time, give it serious consideration. It is not a decision to make quickly, and it must suit the business needs, but it is not always the challenge you think it may be.  You will have to consider contract changes and employee terms and conditions but as a result, you may find yourself with a happier and more productive team member. 

Please do not hesitate to contact if you would like to discuss a flexible working request for part time working. Taking HR from 'TO DO' to 'DONE'. 
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